Need Roofing Services? Call Us!

The roof of your home should always be strong and sturdy so that it can protect your house interiors. If your roof needs to be replaced because it is decades old, or you are looking to shift from one roofing material to another, then call us today! We are a trusted roofing expert that is based in Hurlock, MD. American Builder Construction Co. is dedicated to providing you with only quality services and nothing less. So why is it that you need to call us and have us build a new roof for your home and not the other roofers that you can see in the local area?

We Have Helped a Lot of Homeowners and Business Owners in the Area

Since 2005, we have committed ourselves to provide only top-notch roofing services in Hurlock, MD. Every time a home or business owner calls us because they need a new roof installed in their house or commercial space, we know that what they are looking for is a quality roof that will last for years to come. Our roofers will make sure that a sturdy and strong roof will be installed on your property, and that is why we only get our materials from trusted suppliers. We also use sophisticated tools and equipment to ensure proper installation and give you a roof that will provide maximum protection to your home or business.

Quality Assurance

Our job does not end after the installation is done! Our roofing experts will do a final inspection once we are done with the installation process. We will inspect critical areas for deformities that might cause issues in the future such as leaks or poor protection from the elements, and if we find any, we will repair them right away. We will then do additional checks to ensure everything is done right. We certainly do not skimp when it comes to quality because we do not want to stain our reputation as one of the trusted construction companies in the area.

If you think that it is the right time to replace your roof, or if you need a new roof to cover the newest addition to your property, call American Builder Construction Co. today at (410) 870-7290.

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